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Posts from July 2018

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Joanne Moseley

Do unlimited holidays boost morale?

Most of us look forward to going on holiday (my husband is the exception - but let's not go there).  So a policy that says you can take...

Nicola Gooch

CIL, Village Greens and Green Belt: A Case Law Round- Up

As Parliament appears to have been overtaken by a level of drama, intrigue and scandal usually reserved for an episode of Love Island*,...

Joanne Moseley

Breaking: Mencap wins appeal against 'unaffordable' sleep in shifts

The Court of Appeal has today issued a judgment that will have wide ranging implications for the care and other sectors relying on staff...

Nicola Gooch

Innovation and Planning: can the planning system adapt to 3D Printed Houses?

There has been a lot of discussion recently about new methods of construction, from modular, factory led methods of construction to...

Irwin Mitchell

Extended leave for premature births?

Interesting question - although I would argue that if there's a need for extended leave for birth mothers, there is also a need for...