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Posts from May 2017

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Nicola Gooch

Reflecting on the power of planning done well

Back in 2014, the RTPI published a report entitled "Success and Innovation in Planning - Creating Public Value"  which highlighted...

Nicola Gooch

Election 2017 - Manifesto Week: Conservatives on Planning

The Conservatives have been in government for the last two years. During that time they have introduced two major pieces of planning...

Nicola Gooch

Election 2017 - Manifesto Week: Liberal Democrats on Planning

The Liberal Democrat Manifesto opens with an admission that they will not win the general election. The stated aim is to become the...

Nicola Gooch

Election 2017 - Manifesto Week: Labour on Planning

The three main political parties are releasing their manifestos this week and, as a result, I am afraid you are going to be hearing quite...

Irwin Mitchell

"Single Family Housing" gathers pace in the US

There is an interesting piece on Bisnow about the rise in the US of portfolios of institutionally rented houses ("Single family housing")...

Nicola Gooch

Supreme Court clarification of NPPF reinforces the role of plain English in interpreting policy

Earlier today the Supreme Court handed down its long awaiting judgment in the cases of Suffolk Coastal District Council v Hopkins Homes...

Irwin Mitchell

Rising demand for development land in the Regions

It is interesting to see that the latest Savills report on development land matches the data found in our joint "UK Powerhouse Report"...

Nicola Gooch

Boundary Disputes: The 'Duty to Co-operate' fails when faced with clashes over strategic priorities

The 'duty to co-operate' appears to have been a problem for local planning authorities ever since it was introduced.  The original...