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Posts from January 2018

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Nicola Gooch

Behind the Headlines: Planning news you may have missed this week

The news this week has been somewhat dominated by the collapse of Carillion, which means that planning news may well have slipped under...

Joanne Moseley

Calls to boycott company with 64.8% gender pay gap

All organisations employing 250 or more people have until 4 April this year (30 March for public authorities) to publish their gender pay...

Nicola Gooch

Neighbourhood Plans: Written Ministerial Statement Survives Legal Challenge.

At 10.30 this morning, the High Court issued its judgment in the Richborough Estates case*. For those who have not been following the...

Joanne Moseley

Why the Apprenticeship Levy is treated as another tax

John Timpson, the Chairman of Timpson, writing in The Telegraph newspaper explains why his company does not benefit from the annual...

Nicola Gooch

What a difference an 'H' makes: Government reshuffle results in a DCLG rebrand and another new Housing Minister

A week is certainly a long time in politics. It is six days since my last blog post and, not only has the rumoured reshuffle taken place,...

Irwin Mitchell

Consultation on Business Rates - rewriting the rules from the Mazars case

We will leave it to the economists to argue over whether property taxes are progressive or regressive. We can also leave it to the...

Nicola Gooch

New Year Blues... 2018 begins with Rumours and Regulations

The festive season is over.  New Year's resolutions have been made* and the world is slowly returning to work, reality and (for those of...