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Posts from July 2024

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Geeta Nayar

Law firm stages UK’s first conference addressing birth trauma for South Asian women

Equitable and safe maternity care should be a right for all women.  However, stark racial and ethnic disparities in maternal healthcare...

Lauren Haas

Serious injury lawyer explores head injuries and the increased risk of brain cancer

As I deal with many claims relating to head injuries, new developments and studies relating to potential risk factors arising from head...

Radika Barber

Irwin Mitchell brain injury conference: The challenges facing survivors and the support available

Achieving independence after a brain injury is a deeply personal journey, unique to each individual's circumstances and challenges.  At...

Kim Andrews

Irwin Mitchell and Grief Encounter launch legal partnership to support bereaved children and young adults

As medical negligence lawyers, we often represent families who have lost a loved one. In addition to coping with their grief, people...

Kim Leslie

Specialist lawyer's concerns over alarming increase in reports of online child sexual abuse

Reflecting on the latest data from Police Scotland, as a specialist abuse lawyer I'm deeply troubled by the alarming increase in reports...

Cheryl Palmer-Hughes

The UK has ratified the Hague 2019 Judgments Convention - what does that mean for victims of personal injury?

The UK's ratification of the Hague 2019 Judgments Convention, which took place on 27 June, marks a significant development for those...

Helen Tomlin

Mesothelioma: Expert lawyer explains what the disease is, why asbestos is still a public safety risk and how to protect yourself from the killer dust

As we mark Action Mesothelioma Day on 5 July, it's a time to reflect on the huge impact asbestos has had in the UK. However, it's also a...