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Posts from May 2024

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Nadhia Akthar

Ventura Cruise – Top Tips To Stay Safe As Passengers Struck Down with Illness

It's concerning to read over the weekend that large numbers of passengers on board the MV Ventura have experienced debilitating...

Alice Hall

Mental Health Awareness Week: Supporting claimants and each other

Experiencing mental health difficulties is distressing, and many people often struggle to get the help that they need.  Research tells us...

Ayse Ince

Helping bereaved families get answers at inquests and the campaign for a national structure to ensure care improvement recommendations are upheld

It’s impossible to comprehend how a family must feel when they learn that the death of their loved one could have been prevented.  I...

Geeta Nayar

Birth Trauma Inquiry: medical negligence lawyer welcomes report's publication and examines the 12 recommendations designed to improve maternity care

This year the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on birth trauma set up an inquiry to investigate the reasons for traumatic birth and...

Lewis Quarmby

Is the defence budget increase enough to protect our Armed Forces?

Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a significant health concern in the military, where the exposure to loud noises from weaponry and...

Carol Purang

Ajax Armoured Vehicle Programme and The Army personnel suffering hearing loss

To highlight Deafness Awareness Week this year between 6-12 May we report on the latest in the Ajax vehicle programme. To date over £4...

Hannah Wall

World Asthma Day: Workplace illness lawyer calls for greater understanding around condition

Asthma is a respiratory condition that affects millions of people worldwide, and this World Asthma Day, the theme is ‘Asthma Education...

Courteney Coe

Lawyer explores use of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare: Is it a helping hand or a cause for concern?

Harrogate District Hospital has recently revealed it's using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to speed up fracture diagnosis times, by...

Tom Fletcher

Abuse lawyer’s concern as BBC investigation uncovers apparent misuse of ‘calming rooms’ at Whitefield School in Walthamstow

I’ve read with concern this week about a recent BBC investigation that appears to highlight the misuse of so-called “calming rooms” at...