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Adrian Budgen



I joined Irwin Mitchell in 1990 and became a partner in the personal injury department in 1994.

I have a special interest in asbestos related disease cases, particularly mesothelioma. I've written and lectured widely on the subject of asbestos disease and personal injury litigation.

I represented June Hancock in the Armley environmental asbestos case and also achieved what was at the time the highest award for an industrial disease/fatal injury case of £4.37m.


  • Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma - Edited by Kenneth O'Byrne and Valerie Rusch, Published by Oxford University Press, 2006

What Inspired You To Get Into Law?

To help others in need and to make a significant difference to their lives. 

What Do You Do Away From The Office?

I enjoy spending time with my family, supporting local charities, eating out and walking my dog.


"Tenacious, hard working and extremely knowledgeable." – Chambers & Partners, 2018 

"Extremely knowledgeable and experienced in asbestos disease claims" - Legal 500, 2017

Sources say: "He has a tremendous amount of experience in personal injury claims and is very knowledgeable on asbestos-related issues." – Chambers & Partners, 2016

"An outstandingly dedicated, committed and caring man," who "possesses integrity, kindness and an ability to genuinely empathise with families that are going through hell." – Chambers & Partners, 2013

Cases I've Been Involved With

Read My Comments On The Latest News

  • 17/08/2018
    Tragic Cancer Legacy Of Nation’s Industrial Heritage That Is Still Unfolding

    “The deaths of Dennis and Carol are yet another tragic example highlighting the effects that asbestos has on those who are exposed to the hazardous material and their families,” he says. “Craven’s is not unique; there were hundreds of factories that were major employers in towns and cities across the country where health and safety regulations to manage asbestos were not upheld. As it can take many decades for mesothelioma to develop it is a tragedy that is still unfolding. “That’s why it is so important that we work to get justice and answers for those who were exposed to asbestos.”

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  • 06/07/2018
    UK’s Leading Asbestos Lawyers Support Action Mesothelioma Day

    “The first Asbestos Regulations, to manage the use of asbestos because of its danger to health, became law in 1931, so to learn that people were exposed to the fibres much later is very upsetting for the individuals or the families who come to us. “Asbestos was commonly used in industry and the building trade for many years and, tragically, although employers ought to have known of the dangers it posed to the health of their staff, they did not implement safety measures and warnings to protect workers from inhaling the toxic substance. “Too many people are dying due to this poor management of asbestos exposure in the past. “Mesothelioma is a very aggressive, and sadly, incurable disease and those who fall victim suffer simply because the appropriate precautions were not taken to keep them safe, they were not warned of the dangers of asbestos or provided with the correct protective equipment. “The recent HSE prediction that the number of deaths caused by mesothelioma will continue on a similar level to at least the end of decade before we see a decline shows the scale of the problem throughout the 1900s. “The estimated peak of mesothelioma diagnoses keeps being pushed further and further into the future and it sadly means that many more unsuspecting people are likely to be affected. “We hope that by supporting Action Mesothelioma Day we will help to raise awareness of the dangers of asbestos and mesothelioma, as well as encouraging employers and the government to take action to protect future generations from further suffering.”

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  • 04/07/2018
    Figures Released By Health And Safety Executive Show There Were Over 2500 Deaths From Mesothelioma In 2016

    “These latest figures highlight the tragic reality that we see day to day in our work. Behind every number in these statistics is a family whose lives have been torn apart by a terminal cancer diagnosis. Mesothelioma is very aggressive and devastating for those affected. “Too many people are dying due to the very poor management of asbestos in the past. The majority of those exposed to asbestos suffered exposure at work, and were completely unaware of the dangers of asbestos when they worked with it – while their employers were or at least should have been aware of regulations around asbestos management and should have done more to protect them. “The HSE’s prediction that the number of deaths caused by mesothelioma will continue on a similar level to at least the end of decade, before we see a decline, shows the extent of the dreadful legacy from the 1900s. “The estimated peak of mesothelioma diagnoses keeps being pushed further and further into the future and it, very sadly, means that many more people will succumb to the deadly disease in the years to come. “While the majority of the exposure occurred in the workplace, an increasing number of people, particularly women, were exposed in other settings. It is extremely concerning that asbestos is still present in so many public buildings, including school and hospitals, to this day.”

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  • 27/04/2018
    Lawyers Support International Workers' Memorial Day

    “We are regularly contacted by people who have become ill because of the failings in their employer’s commitment to health and safety in the workplace, or by bereaved relatives who have lost a loved one at work whose lives have been devastated as a result. “The issue of health and safety in the workplace is a crucially important one for both employers and employees. Good health and safety practices are good for business but the issue of workplace health and safety has to be given very serious consideration by all interested parties.”

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