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Demetrius Danas



I joined Irwin Mitchell in 2003 to help establish and develop the work of the International Travel Litigation Group in Irwin Mitchell's London office. I have a wealth of experience in acting on behalf of people who sustain serious injuries abroad and I have pursued cases on behalf of clients in over 30 jurisdictions worldwide. I also specialise in accidents taking place on board ships and aircraft. I advise travel insurers on the wording of their policies and the viability of their clients' personal injury claims. Prior to Irwin Mitchell, I was a Partner in a niche travel law firm again acting on behalf of victims of accidents abroad.


A "very good lawyer" with "excellent case preparation, attention to detail and good common-sense approach. " - Chambers & Partners, 2017

Demetrius Danas is "great to have fighting in your corner" - ​Legal 500 2016

Demetrius "has a very good grasp of strategy and tactics; he sees the bigger picture but he is also hot on the detail." - Chambers & Partners 2015

Demetrius is "solid and really knows his stuff." - Legal 500 2014

"Efficient and bright", "a great job for clients." - Chambers & Partners 2013

"An extremely competent lawyer" and "an expert in his field." - Chambers & Partners Directory 2012

"Demetrius Danas acted in the Thwaites v Aviva case, which established that a claimant could bring a claim in the English courts against a French insurer following an accident in France." - Chambers & Partners 2011

What Inspired You To Get Into Law?

I came into the legal profession in order to be able to help people who needed it.  

What Is The Most Rewarding Aspect Of Your Role?

I enjoy being a lawyer and especially a lawyer specialising in international personal injury cases. My field of work gives me the opportunity to help people through a complicated area of the law and get some compensation for them at the end of it.

What Do You Like About Working At Irwin Mitchell?

At Irwin Mitchell, I have the expertise and support to allow me to do the best job possible for my clients. I also know that if a client of mine needs advice on an area of law that I know nothing about, I will have a specialist colleague that area who will be very willing to help.

What Do You Do Away From The Office?

My free time is spent as much as possible with my wife and daughter who are both an inspiration to me. I enjoy wine and food and feel that I have missed an opportunity if a week goes by without having a curry.

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  • 03/02/2017
    Legal Action After Balcony Railings Collapse At Dominican Republic Hotel

    “Both Jerome and Greta have suffered serious injuries when they were simply trying to enjoy their holiday at the Barcelo Punta Cana. We have been asked to investigate what happened and take appropriate legal action for them. “Our clients rightly have serious concerns about the safety of the railings which gave way suddenly. The railings are in place to protect guests but on this occasion they were the cause of the problem.”

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  • 12/12/2016
    Top 10 Tips For Safe Skiing This Holiday Season

    “On holiday, we’re more likely to try extreme sports and sometimes sport is the object of our trips, such as a skiing holiday. While skiing is great fun for all the family, accidents are likely in such a sport and can be very serious. “We have represented many holiday-goers who have suffered life-changing injuries after a skiing accident and have had to take substantial time off work, which can affect their finances and quality of life. We provide them with legal advice and support through their rehabilitation but many of these injuries could and should have been avoided. “While with some of these extreme holiday sports we can accept a degree of risk, sometimes an injury is the result of negligence by a third party, such as an instructor, another skier, a ski lift operator, or a resort/hotel. “It’s important to raise awareness of the dangers to alpine sports and to be prepared to prevent such accidents happening.”

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  • 03/03/2016
    One In Three Men Admit Their Ski Injuries Were Caused By Going Too Fast On The Slopes

    “Skiing is great fun but accidents can be serious and leave people with long-term injuries that can affect their work, their finances and their quality of life. “Our survey shows that gender does play a role in skiing injuries with a high percentage of men admitting that their accidents were caused because they were going too fast. “These accidents can have long-term impacts and we have represented many clients who have suffered life-changing injuries. We provide them with legal advice and support through their rehabilitation but many of these injuries could and should have been avoided. “It is concerning to see that nearly a quarter of male skiers consider that a lack of experience, practice or training caused their accident to happen."

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  • 01/03/2016
    Injuries On 'The Jump' Raise Questions About Safety

    “Many of the celebrities who take part in The Jump are relative novices and when you consider the number of injuries on the show in both this and previous years you have to question whether the safety procedures in place are thorough enough to protect the contestants. “Our survey shows the risks of participating in winter sports and the fact remains that anyone can suffer an injury when taking part in such an adrenaline-filled activity. Ultimately though, the more experienced and prepared you are, the less likely it is that you’ll suffer an injury or risk injuring a fellow skier. “15% of skiers admitted in our survey that a lack of experience, practice or training caused their accident to happen. If this is happening on beginner slopes around the ski slopes of Europe then it can easily happen to celebrities who must attempt jumps and challenges that need extensive training to pull off. “The number of injuries on The Jump is a matter of concern and if the makers of the programme are not able to take steps to reduce the number of casualties then it may be time to consider if the risks are too great and whether this series should be brought to an end before a contestant suffers even more serious and life changing injuries.”

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