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Posts from April 2023

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Kimberley Nightingale

Research shows benefits of 36-week pregnancy scan

Currently, women have routine scans at 12 and 20 weeks during pregnancy unless risks are identified and additional scans are required. ...

David Withers

Unsafe cars on UK roads: Cost of living crisis leaves drivers unable to afford MOTs

The cost of living crisis is a significant issue affecting many people in the UK, and for some drivers, this has meant that they cannot...

Emma Bell

Celebrating National Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist Day in 2023

Following a diagnosis of cancer, one of the first healthcare professionals that a patient will meet will be a cancer nurse specialist...

Michaela Longland

Plans for new smart motorways scrapped by Government, but is it enough?

Smart motorways have become a hot topic in the news recently; but you may be wondering why, or what has changed.  Recently, the...

Catherine Knight

Analysis of failures contributing to death by suicide: An ONS study

As inquest practitioners, we all too often come across common themes of failures in mental health care that have been found to contribute...

Zoe Vallance

Defendants behind bars

When acting for clients with personal injury claims, especially road traffic collisions, it can often be the case that the defendant has...

Ellie Walker

Asbestos remains a real threat to UK workers as well as a global killer

This week is Global Asbestos Awareness week, a campaign committed to raising awareness of the dangers of hazardous material and the need...