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Andrew Buckham



I work in Irwin Mitchell's specialist Armed Forces Claims team. We help injured Service personnel and their families on a variety of issues. This includes assisting severely injured service personnel with compensation claims (On and Off Duty), Boards of Inquiry and Coroners Inquests.

I have represented a number of soldiers with brain and spinal injuries, including Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson. I supported Ben and his family in their fight for fairer compensation for injured soldiers.

I represented and provided support to a family affected by the SAS Brecon Beacons accident, where they were able to successfully recover compensation from the MOD following a fatal accident claim.

I have experience in representing members of the intelligence and security services, and in navigating the sensitive issues commonly faced when making a claim of this type. These include operational matters, loss of pay and benefits, and gaining the clearance level required in order to progress their case.

I was also part of the legal team that represented all 14 families from the Nimrod accident at the Coroner's Court Inquest.

What Inspired You To Get Into Law?

I served in the Army for seven years before I joined Irwin Mitchell's Armed Forces team and wanted to give something back to the military community. Our team works with a number of the military charities and welfare teams and its very rewarding to help and advise injured service personnel and their families.

There is a genuine passion and belief within Irwin Mitchell that injured service personnel deserve the very best medical care and rehabilitation, as well as receiving support and compensation that reflects the sacrifice made by our Armed Forces.

Market View

The "down-to-earth, approachable and responsive" Andrew Buckham has particular niche experience in injury, trauma and fatality matters involving members of the armed forces, and is "a great lawyer to have on your side". – The Legal 500, 2017

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  • 05/02/2018
    Lawyers Brave Freezing Temperatures To Raise Money For Armed Forces Veterans Living On The Streets

    For some adapting to civilian life after leaving the Armed Forces can be difficult, and through no fault of their own, some end up on the streets. “Nobody should have to find themselves in such a situation regardless of their background. The Southampton office felt passionately about trying to raise awareness of what homeless veterans go through so decided to take part in The Big Sleep. “While we only slept out for a night, many of us found it a real challenge. Perhaps unsurprisingly the hardest thing to deal with for many of us was the cold. It was absolutely freezing but the spirit and camaraderie kept us all going. “We were lucky in the respect that we had each other to keep us going through the night. Others are not so fortunate.”

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  • 14/06/2017
    Safety Failures Contributed To Death Of Soldier Killed In Cyprus Kayaking Incident, Coroner Rules

    “When Tracy said goodbye to Jay before he embarked on his mission with the UN, Tracy believed he would be safe. To lose him during an adventure training exercise is something she is still struggling to come to terms with. “Our servicemen and women know when they sign-up that compared to most jobs theirs is one with increased danger, but we have seen first-hand that many serious accidents in training could be prevented. “Obviously military training needs to be robust and realistic to prepare our troops for conflict, but it is vital that there is adequate protection for soldiers to prevent tragedy. “We will now be reviewing the coroner’s findings with Tracy and advising her on the next steps available to her.”

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  • 12/06/2017
    Inquest To Begin Into Death Of Soldier Killed In Cyprus Kayaking Incident

    “As the mother of a serving soldier, Tracy tried as best she could to prepare herself for the worst, hoping she wouldn’t lose Jay to conflict but knowing she might. To lose Jay during a peacekeeping mission and while doing something where he should have been safe is still something she struggles to truly understand. “While we are no longer able to seek answers on Tracy’s behalf from a criminal trial, we hope a full inquest will finally give her the answers she deserves and identify any lessons which could prevent similar tragedies.”

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  • 15/03/2016
    Coroner Makes Safety Recommendations As Inquest Into Afghanistan Helicopter Crash Concludes

    “The family was left devastated at Spencer’s death and hoped that the inquest would provide further answers as to how this incident happened. “The Inquest has heard issues regarding risk management and training as well as concerns about the levels of service personnel available to this Squadron that was very heavily committed to operations and military exercises. “We now hope the recommendations made by the coroner will be taken forward by the MoD to improve the safety for armed forces personnel.”

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