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Unsafe cars on UK roads: Cost of living crisis leaves drivers unable to afford MOTs

The cost of living crisis is a significant issue affecting many people in the UK, and for some drivers, this has meant that they cannot afford to keep their cars roadworthy. This has led to a worrying increase in the number of unsafe cars on the road, with many drivers unable to afford an MOT.

According to a study reported widely in the news, over 1.2 million cars have had their MOT tests postponed due to the pandemic, and many of these vehicles are now overdue for vital safety checks. This is due to the increased financial pressure on many families, making it difficult to find the money to pay for car maintenance.

As a result, the DVSA has warned that there could be up to 400,000 extra unsafe cars on UK roads, posing a significant risk to both drivers and passengers. The situation was particularly alarming in March, with many of the postponed MOTs due to expire, meaning that thousands of unsafe cars were expected to on the roads.

The cost of an MOT test can vary, with prices ranging from around £30 to £60. However, for many families struggling to make ends meet, this cost can be a significant burden. The cost of living crisis has left many people facing tough financial choices, and for some, car maintenance has become a luxury that they cannot afford.

While the government has announced plans to help people on lower incomes with the cost of car maintenance, many are still struggling to keep their cars roadworthy. This is not only a safety issue but can also impact on employment, with many people unable to get to work without a car.

In my role as a serious injury lawyer, I know all too well the importance of staying safe on the roads and the consequences users can be left facing when road safety is compromised.  I feel the government must do more to support those on lower incomes, ensuring that they can keep their cars roadworthy and safe. In the meantime, it's essential that drivers conduct regular safety checks on their vehicles to minimise the risk of accidents.

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Cost of living crisis: Around 400,000 unsafe cars could be on the roads in March as people can’t afford MOTs”