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Recruit Injured In Training Receives Compensation

Our Military team in Manchester has secured a five figure settlement for a recruit who was discharged from the Army after being injured in training.

Our client had started his initial training with the Parachute Regiment when he was ordered to run through a frozen puddle. The conditions were cold and icy, and as a result of having to run through the puddle, instead of around it, the recruit slipped and dislocated his ankle. He also suffered torn ligaments.

The extent of his injuries was so severe that he was medically discharged and was consequently unable to join the Parachute Regiment. In addition to losing out on his ambition to join the Army, our client’s future employment prospects outside of the military could also be hampered by his injuries.

We felt strongly that the Ministry of Defence had a duty to ensure risk assessments were in place to consider the prevailing weather conditions and ensure the safety of the recruits during the training exercise. We were also indebted to Stephen Maguire of Kings Chambers who shared this view and was adamant the case had merit.

The Ministry of Defence admitted responsibility and we secured a settlement over and above what our client received from the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.

Our client has fortunately made a very positive recovery and secured a well-paid job – however he still suffers some discomfort in his ankle, and there is always the chance that his future employment potential could be disadvantaged by his condition.

Partner Geraldine McCool, representing the client, said: “Our client had transitioned well into civilian life but lost the opportunity to pursue his dream of joining the Parachute Regiment. He received compensation for the handicap he had on the open labour market due to his injury.”

If you or a loved one has suffered unduly due to an accident whilst training in the military, our military injury claims solicitors could help you to secure compensation. Visit our Military Training Injury Claims page for more information.

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