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Five Figure Sum For Businessman Injured At Dubai Hotel

We have successfully secured a five-figure sum for a man who suffered serious injuries while on a business trip to Dubai.

Mr H was left with serious damage to his leg after he slipped on a step in the hotel pool. The step was submerged and unmarked – unable to see it, our client slipped under the water and ruptured the muscles in his right thigh. He was rescued by the lifeguard and required immediate surgery.

Our investigations revealed that this was not the first time an incident like this had occurred at the hotel, and the lifeguard told Mr H that other guests had had similar accidents.

The severity of Mr H’s injuries meant he had to wear a full leg brace and had difficulty walking for a long time. This had a detrimental impact on his business – he was used to playing an active role, travelling frequently to meet clients in different countries and managing a busy team in the office. He was forced to take several months off work and cancel meetings.

Prior to the accident Mr H had also enjoyed an active physical life and was a regular member of his local gym. The damage caused by the fall meant he couldn’t visit the gym for a long time and his health suffered as a result. He also became dependant on those around him for assistance with simple day-to-day tasks and continues to need physiotherapy to help his recovery.

Mr H had booked the trip to Dubai online through an English holiday company, who, along with the hotel, denied responsibility for his injuries. Through our efforts, however, they jointly agreed to compensate Mr H for the pain caused by the accident, as well as financial losses and costs for rehabilitation and further medical care.

Birmingham based solicitor, Joseph Dawson, represented Mr H in his claim. He said: “We’re pleased that we’ve been able to help Mr H get his life back on track after the injuries he suffered on his business trip to Dubai. He had rightly expected to have a hassle free experience without being exposed to this kind of unnecessary and foreseeable hazard.”

Speaking about the refusal of both the hotel and holiday company to admit responsibility for his client’s injuries, he also cautioned: “I would urge all holidaymakers booking trips over the internet to be aware that they might not be purchasing what they think is a ‘package’. Pay close attention to all of the booking documents as well as the terms and conditions.”

Mr H is on the road to recovery and is looking forward to the future. “I was relieved that the hotel and the holiday company finally agreed to settle my claim fairly – it’s been really frustrating but I’m looking forward to being able to put this behind me.”

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident while working abroad, our personal injury lawyers could help you to claim compensation. Visit our Accidents While Working Abroad Claims page for more information.

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