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Interim Payments Secured For Seriously Injured Man

Irwin Mitchell is representing a man who was seriously injured at work and who is now calling for improved safety regulations.

Fall at work

Our client was fitting and repairing a kitchen with a colleague at a property which had recently been flooded. The man was moving kitchen units from the garden to the front of the house when he slipped over some loose block paving. The kitchen unit he was carrying was very heavy and he fell on his right side, severely injuring his leg.

The man was quickly rushed to A&E for an x-ray and was told that he had suffered ligament damage but didn’t have any broken bones. He was provided with crutches and was discharged being told that his knee would heal with rest.

Throughout the next few weeks, our client’s symptoms began to get worse and he was unable to put any weight on his leg. His leg started to swell and he suffered from various infections, discolouration of his right leg, ulcers and lesions on the bottom of his foot. He was left in constant agony and has since been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Sympathetic Dystrophy (a chronic pain condition).

Interim payments

Our Serious Injury team investigated the man’s case and have so far secured him an interim payment of £10,000 to help towards his ongoing medical treatment. Our client is still unable to work almost two years after the accident so we are also assisting him to obtain further interim funds to assist with ongoing expenses such as bills and food.

Our client had an exploratory knee operation in an attempt to find out what was causing him so much pain. However, our client seriously deteriorated after the surgery and began to experience shooting pains up his legs, pins and needles in his feet and a burning sensation when anything touched his leg. The man also suffers with ongoing trouble from an ulcer wound at the back of his knee.

Private care

Our serious injury experts have been able to agree to an Immediate Needs Assessment with the Defendant which has resulted in our client receiving medical treatment on a private basis, in the form of a Clinical Psychologist, Dermatologist, Pain Management Consultant and Physiotherapy.

Manisha Patel, a serious injury specialist, said: “The ordeal our client has been through could have easily been avoided; he has been left with a longstanding injury and unable to return to work for the foreseeable future which has had a dramatic impact on both his life and his family.

“We are pleased that we have been able to secure an interim payment to help his family as they have been struggling financially due to our client not being able to work.”

Manisha added: “Health and safety legislation has played a massive role in significantly reducing the number of workers seriously injured at work and it is vital that employers continue to understand the important role legislation plays in reducing risk and keeping workers safe.”

In relation to the case, our client said: “Since the accident I have not only struggled with the extent of the injury to my knee, but also the impact it has had on every aspect of my life. I suffer from agonising pain on a daily basis; even simple things like having a shower and getting dressed in the morning have become an ordeal for me.

“The interim payment I have recently received has been a huge help to my family but I hope that with the continuing help, support and rehabilitation I am receiving, I will be able to get to a point where I can manage my injury and the pain, and eventually get my life back on track.”

If you’ve suffered serious injury in an accident at work, our serious injury solicitors could help you to secure compensation. Visit our Accident At Work Claims page for more information.

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