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Six-Figure Sum For Electrician Diagnosed With Mesothelioma

Irwin Mitchell helped a man secure £145,000 in compensation after he was diagnosed with the life threatening cancer, mesothelioma.

Our client, Mr G, is a retired electrician who was exposed to asbestos in the 1960s whilst working for N G Bailey. Despite his exposure being around 50 years ago, Mr G only discovered that he had the condition recently. Delays between exposure and the onset of symptoms are not uncommon in mesothelioma cases and often mean that men who have worked hard all their life find out too late that their employers failed to take adequate steps to protect them from exposure to this deadly dust.

Working with our Asbestos Related Disease team, Mr G was able to secure an award of £145,000 to ensure that he can afford the help he needs to cope with the disease.

Mark Aldridge, a solicitor specialising in asbestos related claims, said: “We are pleased to have been able to help Mr G but more needs to be cone for victims of this disease.

“Employers need to act quickly when they are guilty of exposing staff to asbestos. Also, more research needs to be done into this condition to help find a cure and to prevent further deaths.”

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma as a result of exposure to asbestos, our expert mesothelioma lawyers could help you claim compensation. See our Asbestos-Related Disease Claims Guide for more information.

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