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Burn Sustained During Routine Tonsil Surgery

Nima was 25 and underwent surgery to remove her tonsils. She was supposed to be operated on in an operating theatre specifically for Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) surgeries. However due to a change of plans at the hospital Nima was operated on in a different theatre, which was not specifically used for ENT surgery and the theatre did not have the appropriate equipment necessary for Nima’s surgery.

During the surgery Nima required a shoulder support but the usual rubber shoulder support was not available in the operating theatre. A Theatre Nurse therefore decided to use a warm fluid bag to support Nima’s shoulders during the surgery. Unfortunately the warm fluid bag that was used was intended for laparoscopic (minimally invasive surgery- MIS) surgery and was heated to a much higher temperature than was safe to be used as a shoulder support and should not have been used to support Nima’s shoulders during the surgery.

No one realised during the surgery that the wrong shoulder support had been used and following the surgery Nima complained of pain and it was then discovered that Nima had sustained a large burn to her back and shoulders as a result of being supported by the heated fluid bag.

The burn measured 18cm across by 15cm in height at the widest point and was extremely painful. Nima found it extremely uncomfortable to wear clothes on her back because they rubbed against the burn. She also struggled to look after her 7 month old daughter because she found it very painful to bend and twist in order to bend down and pick up her daughter. She found it very difficult to undertake household task such as vacuuming and doing laundry and had to rely on her partner and family to help her look after her daughter and to help her with household tasks for about a month after the surgery.

It took 2 to 3 months for the burn to fully heal and Nima has been left with a permanent scar on her back and shoulders, which is noticeable when she wears low cut tops or a swimming costume. Nima is self conscious of the scar and tries to avoid letting people see it. As a result she tries to wear clothes that do not reveal her shoulders and back.

Nima pursued a claim against the hospital with the assistance of Jemma Watson and following negotiations with the Defendant we were able to recover £13,000 in compensation for Nima.

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