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Six-Figure Settlement For Pedestrian Struck While Crossing Road

Irwin Mitchell’s personal injury specialists secured a six-figure settlement for a man struck by a car while crossing the road, sustaining debilitating injuries as a result.

Our client, Will, was taken to A&E before being admitted to intensive care for four weeks. He suffered a double fracture to his lower right leg and a fractured vertebrae, as well as head injuries. He had a catalogue of problems after the accident, including:

  • Memory impairment
  • Problems with concentration and mental capacity
  • Headaches
  • Difficulties reading and working in a noisy environment
  • Double vision
  • Dizziness
  • Reduced sense of smell

In addition to leg surgery, Will has required extensive physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy treatments. He was visited daily in hospital by his pregnant wife. He was discharged home on crutches, and his wife initially took a month off work to care for him. She undertook all domestic chores they had previously shared.

Will had secured a new job, due to start in June 2011, a month after the collision. However, he required significant work absence and was unable to commence his new employment until October 2011. He then struggled during the probation period, due to his head injury and symptoms, and was unable to secure a permanent contract. He couldn’t secure alternative less demanding work until March 2012, and remains disadvantaged on the open labour market because of his injuries.

He contacted Irwin Mitchell’s personal injury team, and solicitor Laura Murphy helped Will with his claim. Through extensive enquiries with the police and by tracking down CCTV footage of the event, Laura was able to prove that the driver was also at fault for the accident, although the driver claimed  Will walked out in the road in front of him and there was nothing he could do to avoid the accident.

We won a settlement of £117,000 for Will, which will fund future treatment and reflect future loss of earnings.

Commenting on Will’s case, Laura said: “At the time of the accident, Will was a young man, starting to progress in his career and his wife was expecting their first child.  It was a very stressful period for the family. He didn’t pass his probationary period in his new job, mainly because of cognitive difficulties as a result of the accident, and had to take a pay cut for a less stressful job. He has a made a good recovery but may require further surgery on his leg and continuing support for his brain injury symptoms.”

If you or a loved one has been injured in road traffic accident as a pedestrian, our pedestrian accident lawyers could help you claim compensation. Visit our Road Traffic Accident Compensation page for more information.

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