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Soldier Receives Maximum Award After Sustaining Severe Brain Injury

Irwin Mitchell’s expert Armed Forces solicitors have secured the maximum award (£500,000) under the Ministry of Defence’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme for a member of the Royal Artillery. The soldier in question had suffered a severe head injury following an assault in Canada.

Our client had been in the army for approximately 10 years when he was attacked outside a restaurant in Canada while on a military exercise in Batus.

As a result of the assault, he sustained a fractured nose, fractured left cheek bone and a head injury which resulted in a front lobe concussion. Because of his head injuries, the soldier has suffered cognitive problems and short term memory loss, as well as losing his sense of taste and smell.

Our client, who was a senior non-commissioned officer in the Royal Artillery, was medically discharged from the Armed Forces due to his severe brain injury.

Armed Forces solicitors at Irwin Mitchell secured an award of £500,000 for the soldier – the maximum available under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. The award reflects the severity of the injury, the loss of military and civilian career and the need for care and future therapies/rehabilitation for our client.

One of our military claims experts, Andrew Buckham, represented the soldier. He said: "Our client will need specialist care and rehabilitation for the rest of his life, and we hope that the settlement will give him the long term security and quality of life that he deserves."

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