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Justice For Elderly Man Hit By Careless Driver

Serious injury experts at Irwin Mitchell have secured a substantial settlement for an elderly man knocked over by a dangerous driver. This compensation will help buy a mobility scooter and a walk-in shower for the gentleman, increasing his independence significantly.

Our client, a 72-year-old man from Stoke-on-Trent, was crossing a residential road near his home when a car came around a corner without slowing down. Despite putting out his left arm, the car didn’t stop and he was knocked to the ground.
He spent 13 days in hospital after suffering a broken arm, ankle and nose.
Before the accident he was a DIY enthusiast and had just finished building a conservatory on the back of his home. Sadly, following the accident he has been unable to get out and about with ease as his ankle injury hasn’t healed well.

He has spent two years since the accident struggling to get upstairs, requiring assistance from his wife to get in and out of the bath, and relying on his son to get him out of the house as his injuries prevent him from walking any distance.
This case has now settled. Our client is already looking to the future, having lined up a mobility scooter so he can access his local community and regain his independence. He’s also going to have a walk-in shower fitted so he’ll no longer have to rely on his wife to help him in and out of the bath.
Maria Littley, a solicitor in the Birmingham serious injury team, has worked with this man for the past 18 months and secured a hard fought, substantial settlement.

She said: "A young driver who was not paying sufficient attention, robbed this client of his mobility and independence for two years. Now, with the compensation he has received, he is able to move forward with his life and get out and about with the equipment he now needs.

"I hope that this case will be a warning to drivers that extra vigilance is required when turning into residential streets. Just because you are not on a main road does not mean that you can reduce your concentration."

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