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£30,000 Settlement For Man After Employer’s Safety Failings

Serious injury solicitors at Irwin Mitchell negotiated a £30,000 settlement for a man who fell from a ladder while repairing the roof of a bungalow.
Having not been provided with a suitable ladder by his employer, Paul was climbing his own ladder when, about six feet up, he began to feel himself falling backwards. Not wanting to fall on his head or back, he dropped the tiles he’d been carrying and jumped from the ladder.
He fell heavily on his left foot onto the cobble stone of the bungalow’s driveway. An ambulance took Paul to hospital where he underwent x-rays and a CT scan; he was admitted for an overnight stay.
The CT scans established that Paul suffered a closed fracture (where there’s no open wound in the skin) of the heelbone, with the fracture reaching up to his ankle. He was discharged the following day with crutches and an air cast boot, and asked to receive his outpatient care at a hospital closer to his home.
Unfortunately, Paul continues to experience a lot of pain and his left leg has been shortened by a quarter of an inch, requiring an insole and heel raise. He complains that he can’t bend his foot where he broke his ankle and that he walks flat footed.
Paul contacted Irwin Mitchell’s serious injury experts for help and we secured a settlement of £30,000 for him, even though just weeks before his employer had told him that his case was dead in the water.
Solicitor Maria Littley represented Paul. She said: “There were repeated failings on health and safety, with standard equipment that would be, for example, used on council jobs, not being made available because the company were effectively cutting costs. 
“If the appropriate systems and equipment had been in place at the time of the accident, rather than piling on time pressure and not making the proper safety checks, then the accident would not have happened.”

If you or a loved one has been injured in a road traffic accident, our serious injury solicitors could help you claim compensation. See our Road Traffic Accident Claims page for more information.

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