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Woman Claims Compensation For Fall In Wakefield Market Stall

Our highly experienced personal injury team at Irwin Mitchell has recently helped a 57 year old woman claim compensation after she was involved in accident at the Pontefract Town Centre market.

Rose, a 57 year old woman from Wakefield was browsing the stores at the market in the town centre market. Rose was unaware that a pole, used for constructing market stalls, was left lying on the floor in her path. Rose tripped over the pole and fell flat to the ground.

As a result of the fall she sustained a deep cut to her forehead and also broke her left wrist in several places. Rose received four stitches to her forehead and underwent an operation to repair the damage to her fractured wrist, requiring a stay in hospital for two nights. Unfortunately, during Roses recovery she ruptured a tendon in her forearm, which then required further corrective surgery.

Whilst Rose was still recovering from her injuries, she decided to contact our team of expert personal injury and public liability lawyers, to represent her in claiming compensation against Wakefield District Council. Initially, Wakefield MDC denied that they were responsible for Rose’s injury as they claimed that the pole had been left by market traders who dismantled the stall after use. However after further investigation into the matter, our team later established that it was in fact Council workers who were responsible for dismantling and removing the stalls once the market had closed.

In an effort to shift some of the responsibility on to Rose, Wakefield District Council claimed that Rose was not paying attention to where she was walking, which resulted in her falling over the pole. However, thanks to the experience and expertise of personal injury specialist Kay Bailey, it was argued that as Rose was shopping in the market, she would be more concerned with looking around at stall displays, as oppose to looking down towards the ground.

This helped to prove that Wakefield District Council was 100% responsible for the accident and Kay was able to secure Rose £11,500 in compensation.

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