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Woman Who Suffered A Whiplash Injury Receives Compensation

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist Road Traffic Accidents team has helped a woman claim compensation after she was involved in a accident whilst travelling as a passenger in a car.


On 7 June 2009, our client was a passenger in a stationary car. The driver and our client were unaware that a car directly behind was following at an unsafe distance, which then collided into the rear of the vehicle.

As a result of the impact, our client suffered immediate neck pain, numbness in her arm, right shoulder pain and lower back pain. She attended her GP the day after the accident and was diagnosed as having suffered a whiplash type injury and was referred for physiotherapy. 

Because of the injuries, our client required help and assistance with certain household tasks, such as hoovering, cooking and cleaning, from the time of the accident for a period of six months and thereafter was able to manage by herself.

How Irwin Mitchell Helped

Our client decided to contact Irwin Mitchell’s specialist Road Traffic Accidents team and they were able to deal with her claim. The team arranged for medical examinations with a GP initially and then an orthopaedic surgeon due to ongoing symptoms.

In addition to these examinations, our client underwent x-rays and scans provided by the NHS and after two years of investigations, it was confirmed that our client had suffered a whiplash injury to her cervical spine, right shoulder and lumbar spine, and that it would be permanent.

The team at Irwin Mitchell decided to issue court proceedings on behalf of the client. After a few months of negotiations, Irwin Mitchell secured our client £20,000 in compensation, which included the claim for personal injury and her claim for help provide assistance around the home.

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