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Painter and Decorator Receives Compensation After A Fall

Irwin Mitchell’s specialised personal injury team has helped a man claim compensation after he slipped on a wet floor while at work.

In December 2011, our client was working as a painter and decorator and was asked by his employer to paint the store room. The floor of the store room was flooded with water and the room was congested with fixed metal shelving. In order to paint the walls our client had to stand in the water and lean around the metal shelving. As he was stretching to reach the wall behind the shelving he lost his balance and slipped on the wet floor.

As our client fell he caught his right index finger on the edge of a metal shelf and sustained a deep laceration. As a result of the accident our client was left with scar on his finger which is now sensitive to cold and pressure.

Our client decided to contact Irwin Mitchell’s specialised personal injury team and one of our experienced solicitors, Katy Bailey, was able to deal with his claim. Initially the employer denied that they were responsible for the accident but after some negotiations Katy was able to secure the client £1,863.91 in an out of court settlement.

Our personal injury lawyers could help you claim compensation if you’ve fallen from height at work. Visit our Fall From Height Claims page for more information.

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