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Four Figure Compensation For Woman Injured In Supermarket

Specialised personal injury solicitor Stephanie Whatmore, from Irwin Mitchell’s Sheffield office, has secured a four-figure sum in compensation for a woman who injured herself whilst shopping.

Our client - Susan - was in the electrical department of a supermarket waiting for assistance from a member of staff when she felt the need to sit down due to a pre-existing spinal condition. Susan had with her a fold-up chair that she had purchased from a pharmacy eight weeks prior and used this to rest.

As she sat down on the chair, it gave way, causing her to fall and injure her bottom and coccyx.  Susan put out her right hand to brace her fall resulting in further injury to her hand.

For approximately two weeks, Susan suffered restricted hand movement as well as pain and restriction for a further three months. She also required care and assistance with shopping, housework, cooking and looking after her disabled husband.

The pharmacy admitted they were at fault, and Stephanie was able to recover £4,000 in an out of court settlement for Susan.

If you've been injured in a supermarket and it wasn't your fault, our personal injury claims team could help you claim compensation. See our Supermarket Accident Compensation Claims page for more information.

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