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Serious Injury Experts Help Peter To Access Rehabilitation

Experts from our serious injury team helped Peter to access the rehabilitation he desperately needed after he suffered serious injuries in a road accident.

PeterPeter, then aged 22, was driving on the M62 when his car cut out and another vehicle hit it from behind. He suffered a serious brain injury and spent almost a year in hospital.

When he first left hospital, he was dependent on a wheelchair and the care of his parents.

We got involved in Peter’s case early. When he was still in hospital we appointed a case manager who was able to help Peter’s parents through the early stages of his treatment and rehabilitation.

The Positive Impact Of Specialist Help

The case manager coordinated a rehabilitation programme for Peter when he left hospital. With the help of a range of a range of specialists, he was able to move into his own bungalow. He also enjoys a range of sports and is able to volunteer with a local charity.

Louise JenkinsLouise Jenkins, the partner who headed Peter’s case, said: “Statutory services were limited in terms of rehabilitation but early work in the case ensured that resources were available so that when these services came to an end, a private programme of therapies was in place to enable Peter to achieve the independent life that he leads today.”

We were able to help Peter access early interim payments to meet his immediate needs while his claim was ongoing. Now that his claim is fully settled, Peter works with our Court of Protection team who manage his funds for him and make sure his financial future is secure.

Peter’s parents, Brian and Margaret Hughes, commented: “The legal process was long and hard but necessary because it gave Peter the means to access what he needed on his discharge from hospital and for the rest of his life.

“Peter’s rehab has been essential to his recovery and without the support of his legal team we wouldn’t have been able to access any of the intensive, private therapy that has been so important. Our legal team has, from a very early stage, been fighting on our behalf for everything we needed to help Peter’s recovery.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a road traffic accident, our serious injury lawyers could help you claim compensation. See our Road Traffic Accident Compensation page for more information.

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