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Rig Moulder Awarded Compensation For Repetitive Strain Injury

Alex Shorey, an industrial disease specialist at Irwin Mitchell, successfully claimed £5,000 compensation for a Rig Moulder after he developed a repetitive strain injury at work.

Our client from Cannock in Staffordshire, worked for local company BI Composites Ltd and his role was to make the JCB bonnets for JCB earthmovers. This job involved forceful and repetitive actions along with the use of tools including a press machine and a circular saw.

Our client was diagnosed with repetitive strain injury and ulnar nerve damage to his left elbow in March 2010. He underwent ulnar nerve decompression surgery and was off work for 11 weeks in total and had to reply on the care and support of his family following the surgery.

Evidence collected during the case confirmed that the company was responsible in failing to assess the level of risk that our client was exposed to and failed to take appropriate steps to reduce that risk to a safe level.

Commenting on the award, Alex said:
“This case is a classic example of an employer failing in their duty to take even the most basic of precautionary steps. If the company had reviewed the working practices and considered a job rotation system, our client would almost certainly not have developed the injury he eventually required surgery for.”

Repetitive strain injuries are unfortunately commonplace for many workers in all types of industry. Nerve irritation in this case is just one example. At Irwin Mitchell we have successfully pursued claims where the client has suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow.

If you or a loved one has suffered from repetitive strain injuries, such as bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar neuropathy and vibration white finger caused by conditions at work, our solicitors could help you claim compensation. See our Industrial Disease Claims page for more information.

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