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42-Year-Old Disabled Woman Claims Compensation After Being Injured In Her Own Home

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist Personal Injury team has helped a 42-year-old woman claim compensation after falling off her wheelchair in her own home.

Our client had a care package with a company that involved a carer attending her home to assist with personal care, dressing and preparing for the day ahead.

During the course of the day our client was being prepared to transfer from her manual wheelchair to her electric wheelchair. The carer had released the brakes and disengaged the electric wheelchair in order to transfer our client into a more convenient position.

Unfortunately the carer did not secure the brakes of the electric wheelchair and as our client was being transferred the wheelchair suddenly moved. This caused our client to fall on to the floor and as a result she sustained a soft tissue injury to her left hip, a sprain to her left knee, jarring of her spine and severe bruising and swelling.

Our client decided to contact Irwin Mitchell’s specialist Personal Injury team and one of our experienced legal professionals, Kay Bailey, was able to deal with her claim. With Kay’s help the company admitted that it was their fault and that the carer should have secured the brakes before the transfer. Kay was then able to secure our client £7,000 compensation to aid in her recovery.

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