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Compensation For A Woman Injured By A Vehicle In A Car Park

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist road traffic accidents team has helped a woman claim £30,000 in compensation after she was struck by a vehicle in a car park.

Our client, who was 66 at the time, was walking through a car park. She attempted to cross the road but misjudged the distance of the oncoming car. The driver of the car had also been dazzled by the sun and failed to notice that our client was crossing the road. She was hit by the car and sustained a number of fractures to her head and right leg.

Unfortunately, our client required surgery to fix the fractures and metal work still remains in place. She has also been left with some scars and required a course of counselling, as she was later diagnosed with psychological trauma.

Our client still suffers from some residual symptoms of aching and occasional discomfort in her injured leg. She is likely to require further surgery to replace her knee due to accelerating symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Our client decided to contact Irwin Mitchell’s specialist road traffic accidents team and one of our experienced solicitors, Nicola Meese, was able to deal with her claim.

Nicola was able to negotiate an 80/20 split in blame as our client had misjudged the distance and that there was no evidence that the driver was speeding. With this, Nicola was able to secure the client £30,000 in compensation in order to aid in her rehabilitation from her injuries.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury which has or might result in Osteoarthritis, our specialist solicitors could help you to claim compensation. Read our Osteoarthritis Compensation page for more information.

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