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Five Figure Payout For Man Injured In Car Park Tripping Accident

Irwin Mitchell Solicitors have helped a 22 year old man claim compensation after he tripped, fell and injured himself on a car park in Bristol.

Mr B was carrying out promotional work on the car park at the time when he tripped over a thin wire and fell to the ground.

As a result of tripping over the wire he suffered a fracture to his elbow.  He was taken to hospital where he underwent reconstructive surgery.  He required physiotherapy for several weeks. 

Shortly after the accident he was due to travel to the French Alps to work as a ski technician and although he did go he returned early as he was unable to ski due to worry that he would injure his arm further.  

He subsequently underwent removal of metalwork to his arm and his symptoms improved.

Andre Grayson, a personal injury specialist from the Sheffield office, dealt with the claim and recovered £12,000 for Mr B in compensation for his injuries together with payment of his legal costs.

If you've been injured due to a slip, trip or fall, our personal injury claims team could help you secure compensation. See our Slips, Trips and Falls Claims page for more information.

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