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Five Figure Compensation Secured For Man Following Serious Injury At Work

A man has received £50,000 in compensation after his ankle was crushed in an accident at work.

In September 2008, our client, a 40 year old male, was involved in an accident at work.  He was working in a workshop on a conductor (large heavy pipe).  Whilst between the conductors, the pipes began to roll slowly onto him. Our client jumped on top of another pipe to avoid being crushed but unfortunately, his left ankle became crushed between the two pipes.
Following the incident, he experienced severe pain and discomfort and was taken to Accident and Emergency where he was assessed and x-rayed and diagnosed with a fracture.  Due to the significant swelling and a soft tissue injury, the foot was supported in a back slab and reviewed in the Fracture Clinic. 

A cast could not be applied due to blistering and swelling of the foot and he therefore continued with support.  He was immobilised for two weeks in an air cast boot.  There was an open infected wound behind the lateral malleolus on the side of the ankle and bacteriology results showed a MRSA infection.  He also developed psychological symptoms within two months of the accident.
Although treated with antibiotics, he remained in the boot and used crutches for the first two to three months following his accident, underwent physiotherapy treatment and was required to take sleeping tablets and Ibuprofen.
The Claimant was off work for six months and gave up his service in the Territorial Army.  He stopped riding his superbikes due to the pain in his foot and ankle.  He also stopped running.  He required care and assistance from his wife with bathing, dressing wounds, cooking and getting up and down the stairs.
The case settled in December 2012 when the Defendant admitted liability and £50,000 compensation was recovered in an out of Court settlement.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury at work, our personal injury solicitors could help you claim compensation. Visit our Accident At Work Claims page for more information.

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