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Solicitors Help Mother Of Baby Injured During Birth To Claim Compensation

Specialist solicitors at Irwin Mitchell have helped a mother claim compensation after her baby suffered injury during birth. The injury the little girl sustained has left her with disabilities for life and she will always rely on specially adapted accommodation, aids, and care from others.

The injury occurred because the NHS staff that were dealing with the birth failed to respond to warning signs that the baby was in distress and failed to move the mother to a hospital.

The mother had arranged to have her baby in a birthing centre and she was told that should there be any complications during the birth, she would be transferred to the nearest hospital, which was 20-30 minutes drive away.

When the mother’s waters broke, she attended the birthing centre as planned. The first scan she had didn’t show that baby was in any distress but a further scan later that afternoon showed that the baby’s hear rate was slowing. The baby was monitored through the day and tests showed further signs that something was wrong.

The baby girl was delivered that evening at the birthing centre, with the umbilical cord wrapped tightly around her neck. She was transferred to Royal United Hospital in Bath where she was diagnosed as having suffered a lack of oxygen during birth and, as a result, severe cerebral palsy and developmental delay.

Julie Lewis and Kate Easy, both Solicitors in Irwin Mitchell's Bristol office, acted for the mother and concluded that the NHS Trust in this case was negligent. The Trust admitted that that the baby should have been monitored more closely and the mother should have been transferred to the hospital as soon as a slowing of the heart rate was detected. If this had been done, the baby could have been delivered before she suffered a lack of oxygen.

Julie Lewis and Kate Easy secured £7,900,000 in compensation for the little girl which will be paid to her over several years to ensure she has the care and support she needs for life.

If you or your child have suffered a birth injury, our medical negligence solicitors could help you claim compensation. See our Birth Injury Compensation section for more information.

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