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Production Line Worker Receives Compensation Following Staple Gun Accident At Work

Reiss Matthews, a personal injury specialist in Irwin Mitchell’s Birmingham office helped a West Midlands man claim compensation after an accident at work.

Mr B was working on a production line and used a staple gun to staple metal around the edge of a mattress. Mr B noticed that the staple gun he was using was faulty. Despite this, our client’s employers demanded that he work faster to increase productivity. In doing so, a staple from the gun flew out and embedded itself in Mr B’s thumb.

As a result of the accident Mr B suffered a deep wound in his thumb and attended Russell Hall Hospital for treatment. The wound took six weeks to heal but our client suffered intense discomfort for two to three months. Mr B has to attend numerous sessions of hand therapy to improve his grip and the movement in his thumb. Medical experts expect Mr B’s symptoms to settle within the next six months.

Through the work of Reiss Matthews, Mr B underwent rehabilitation and received a four-figure sum in compensation.

Reiss commented that "this accident was caused by clear negligence by the employers and should not have happened; the only positive is that my client was able to rely on the Work Place Health and Safety Regulations to obtain justice for what was a complete disregard for his safety by his employer which regrettably resulted in Mr B suffering a nasty injury".

If you’ve been injured in an accident at work, our personal injury solicitors could help you make a No Win No Fee compensation claim. See our Accident at Work Claims page for more information.

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