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Woman Injured In Slip On Wet Floor Receives Compensation

Our client was involved in an accident at work in June 2010.  She is employed by a company which supplied entertainment units for hospital patients at the time. 

Our client had gone to see a patient. 

A hospital housekeeper had just mopped the ward floor and advised our client to keep to the right as she was leaving the ward and the floor was still wet. 

For our client leave the ward, she was required to press a button on the left side of the ward which releases the door lock.  When she attempted to leave the ward, she passed the cones advising to keep to the right and then thought it was now safe to move to the left and press the button.  As she did so she slipped on the wet floor.

Our client sustained injury to her left ankle, the symptoms of which resolved within two days of the accident.  She also sustained a back injury which caused her back to be placed out of alignment. She Claimant was signed off work for 14 days and as such suffered a loss of earnings.  She was later able to return to work on restricted hours.

During her recovery, our client attended physiotherapy to put her back into alignment.  During this time she was unable to pursue her hobby of dancing or DIY and was also unable to play with her three grandchildren, lift or carry items. 

The Defendants in this case initially denied liability for accident on the basis that warning cones had been in situ.  Irwin Mitchell argued that, although this was the case, the cones ended 10-12 feet prior to where the accident occurred and therefore the floor was not marked safely.  The Defendants subsequently admitted a breach of duty and our client recovered £5,000 in an out of Court settlement.

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