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Man Receives Compensation After Suffering Crush Injuries To His Hand

At the time of his accident Steve worked as a general labourer for a scrap metal processing firm. He was assisting with sorting metal products when his fingers became trapped against the side of a skip, causing crush injuries to his hand.

Steve attended hospital and was forced to undergo surgery to repair the nerves and tendons in his finger. Unfortunately, soon after being discharged from the hospital, his wound became infected and he had to begin a course of antibiotics and return to the hospital to have the wound cleaned and redressed daily.

Liability was admitted by the Steve’s employers and he received £6,000 in compensation. This covered damages for his injuries, loss of earnings and the care and assistance he needed during the period following his accident.

Lisa Fairclough, who specialises in work place accidents at Irwin Mitchell, said, “Although Steve has made a good recovery, his injuries could have been much worse. It is important that companies give proper consideration to how a job is done and how their staff are trained to avoid accidents like Steve’s in the future”.

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