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Man Injured In Accident While Travelling With Bus-Hire Company

On 18 June 2011, our client was travelling along the Kingsway A725 towards Westwood, East Kilbride in a hired bus. Suddenly another vehicle collided with the rear of the bus and our client was thrown forwards into the seat in front of him.

The force of the collision caused our client’s shoulder and chest to strike the back of the seat and his neck to jerk. After the accident our client went to his GP at Hunter Health Centre in East Kilbride, where he was diagnosed with having suffered whiplash and bruising and was prescribed painkillers for his symptoms.

The injuries our client sustained in the accident mean that he wakes up every morning with a stiff neck, a problem which is still ongoing.

Liability in this case has been admitted and we have instructed a medical report on our client’s injuries to help support his claim. Thanks to the work of Irwin Mitchell’s specialist solicitors, we are confident that we will achieve a positive outcome for our client.

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