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Five Figure Compensation Secured for Woman Injured in Fall at Restaurant

Our client was injured whilst attending Alexandra Palace in London. She was taking lunch in the main hall and as she was making her way between the tables she tripped and fell due to a defect in the flooring. She hit her face on a table before landing on her left arm. As a result she suffered a laceration to her forehead and a fracture to her shoulder.

A claim was intimated against Alexandra Palace and Haringey Council admitted liability for the client's accident.
The medical evidence obtained was that the client had suffered a fracture to the shoulder which left her with a frozen shoulder for which she required physiotherapy.

No long-term problems were expected and she received £11,500 in an out of court settlement together with payment of her legal costs.

If you or a loved one has suffered a fracture or broken bone as the result of an accident, our specialist serious injury solicitors could help you claim compensation. See our Broken Bone Or Fracture Claims page for more information.

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