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Woman And Children Fall Ill With E-Coli Following Farm Visit

Our client's wife and their two children attended a farm where they were allowed to feed and pet the animals in their pens. After touching the animals all three washed their hands and used alcohol gel.  Afterwards, one of the children began feeling unwell with symptoms of diarrhoea and stomach pains.  A few days later our client's wife also began feeling unwell with the same symptoms.  She deteriorated further and attended her GP who referred her immediately to hospital where she was diagnosed as having E-Coli.  The other child then also started feeling unwell and suffering the same symptoms as her mother and brother.
They received a visit from the Health Protection Agency who advised there had been a number of patients suffering from E-Coli who had all visited the same farm.  The whole family were advised to be tested for E-Coli and our client tested positive and was advised he had contracted this from cleaning up the children. He did not suffer any symptoms but was unable to go to work as he was a carrier.

We recovered £250 for our client.

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