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Sheffield Man Crushes Fingers At Work And Is Awarded Out Of Court Settlement

Our client, was 19 years old at the time of his accident in 2009. He was working was working for Monckton Rubber Technologies in Sheffield as a labourer through an agency, Purrfect Staffing Services Limited.

He only received basic training for the labouring work he was employed to do and was  working with a colleague who had just started the job, the day the incident happened.

Our client and his colleague were working on the baler machine, a piece of equipment that crushes remnants of steel into blocks. He recalled being under pressure to work quickly and the lid of the machine not closing properly. As our client lifted the lid to brush some bits of steel into the machine, the lid closed on his hand causing injury.

Our client’s index finger and middle finger were severely crushed.  He also sustained open fractures on both fingers.  After seeking medical attention, surgeons advised that they may have to amputate the index finger but were fortunately  able to save both his fingers using pins.

As a result of the injuries, our client is self conscious about the appearance of his hand and was diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood, for which he was recommended to receive therapy.

Since the accident, our client is unable to do the same type of work he previously enjoyed and has been advised against working outdoors. But because this is the type of work he feels most suited to, he has had to change roles.

The employer admitted liability in early 2010 and the claim was settled out of court for £100,000. The sum awarded considered our clients loss of earning and also his care needs resulting from the injury.

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