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School Kitchen Assistant Injured In Accident At Work

The specialist Accidents at Work team at Irwin Mitchell’s Sheffield office has secured compensation for a woman who suffered scalding whilst working at a primary school.

Our client, a 47-year-old lady, was employed as a kitchen assistant in a Sheffield primary school. She was lifting a large metal jug of hot custard from one of the school ovens when she tripped on a bag of food waste that had been left on the floor. She fell forward causing some of the custard to splash out of the jug and land on her face, right arm and right side.

She suffered scalds to 2% of her body, including her face. Her injuries did heal, fortunately without scarring to her face. She has some scarring to her arm and abdomen but the expert expected this to largely resolve in time with some minimal scarring on her abdomen.
Our client noticed sensitivity to heat and cold on the injured areas of her face. She needed sun block to protect her face as this would be more sensitive to sun burn for the next year or two. She was off work for 11 weeks due to the accident. She required care from her husband whilst she recovered.
Irwin Mitchell’s specialist accident at work team was able to secure compensation of £4,250 for our client.


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