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Driver Injured Following Collision With Cow

On 12th September 2011, our client was driving home after visiting his daughter. His wife and other daughter were also passengers in the car.

The weather was overcast, windy and it had been raining intermittently. Whilst driving, he saw a large black cow appear as if it has stepped out onto the road from the nearside kerb. The car in front hit the cow, which then impacted onto our client’s bumper and bonnet before smashing into the windscreen, which shattered but did not break. The cow then flipped and was propelled down the nearside of the car breaking the wing mirror and went out of view. The air bags did not deploy. The nearside passenger door was stiff to open as it had been hit by the cow.

Immediately after the impact, our client stopped the car. His wife was very shaken and distraught, whilst his daughter, who is a nurse, checked to see if all passengers, including the car in front, which had overturned had no serious injuries.

A car which was travelling in the opposite direction stopped and the driver phoned for ambulance and police services. The ambulance arrived shortly after and all were assessed. The client’s wife was still shaking and had her blood pressure checked and wrapped in a blanket.

After the accident the client noticed a car further ahead at the side of the road which was also on it’s roof. He later learned that about 5 cars were involved over a short space of time with 2 cows and a horse which had escaped from the field.

Initially after the accident, the client was shaken and had a sore head, neck and shoulders. The next day he was much worse and took painkillers. He was then diagnosed with whiplash. Due to the injuries he sustained our client attended a physiotherapist who advised that he had displaced muscles as a result of the accident. He is still attending physiotherapy sessions.

David Bell, personal injury solicitor at Irwin Mitchell’s Glasgow office is currently dealing with this case.  He is awaiting the police report into the accident and will intimate the claim on the farmer when it has been received.
This incident should alert people to the dangers of travelling on country roads and that farm animals and wild animals can appear on the road when you least expect it.

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