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Compensation To Pay For Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

R, a woman from Leeds, was driving along Harrogate Road in her car, when she was hit by another vehicle as it pulled out from a side road without stopping.

As a result of the accident, R sustained a broken knee, a sprained right wrist, a broken left wrist and two broken ribs. She was admitted to Leeds General Infirmary for two weeks. Once she was discharged from hospital, R was unable to perform personal care and general household tasks by herself and relied heavily on family to help her.

Due to the effects of the accident, R suffered psychological injuries and became anxious when faced with the prospect of leaving the house alone or getting back into a car. She was reliant on her son to drive her to medical appointments.

Cathryn Godfrey, from Irwin Mitchell’s Serious Injury team in Leeds, helped R to bring a claim against the driver responsible for the car crash. She was awarded £18,500 in compensation which will go towards the cost of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to assist with the psychological injuries that R sustained. Cathryn said: “We were able to obtain an interim payment to fund the treatment which R required. This meant that she was able to access treatment much quicker than if she had needed to wait for an NHS referral. This enabled R to recover from her injuries sooner and return to her day to day activities earlier than she otherwise would have done”.

If you or a loved has been seriously injured in a road traffic accident , our serious injury solicitors could help you to claim compensation. Visit our Road Traffic Accident Claims page for more information.

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