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63 Year Old Woman Receives Six Figure Settlement After Medical Negligence Leads To Lifelong Disability

Timothy Deeming, a specialist in medical negligence law and patients’ rights, has successfully claimed damages on behalf of a woman who has been left with permanent spinal damage after two hospitals failed to spot that she required urgent surgery.

Yvonne, a 63 year old woman had suffered from back problems for several months. One day, Yvonne stepped out of her work van and stubbed her foot on the kerb, causing immense pain in her lower back. She managed to drive back to the office where she collapsed in pain. Staff called an ambulance and Yvonne was taken to her local hospital. She was examined by a doctor who initially told her that there was no damage to either her spine or back and a nurse was instructed to arrange her discharge.

Yvonne mentioned that she was developing numbness in her groin, lower back and sides and along the back of her feet and legs. Doctors re-examined Yvonne and ordered an X-ray before admitting her to a ward for observation. It was not until the following morning that Yvonne had an MRI scan, which showed that she had a prolapsed disc, which was pressing on a nerve root causing severe pain and loss of bowel and bladder function. After referral to another hospital the following day, Yvonne finally underwent surgery.

Independent medical experts confirmed that there was a 24-hour window of opportunity to carry out this urgent surgery and unfortunately as a result of the delay, Yvonne has been left with permanent mobility issues and debilitating bowel and bladder problems.

Yvonne’s solicitor Timothy Deeming, an expert in clinical negligence claims, investigated the case and secured a substantial six-figure settlement in compensation for the pain and suffering Yvonne went through and the losses she suffered as a result.

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