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Woman Injured At Top Of Escalator

Our client was returning home by train from London and was walking through Manchester Piccadilly Train Station in order to catch a connecting train.

As our client reached the top of the escalator, the person walking in front of her made contact with a metal roller shutter guide post which had been left unnecessarily in the way of passers by.

The post was not bolted down to the floor and suddenly the guide post fell from its position and struck our client on the head, ear and right shoulder which knocked her to the ground.

Injuries sustained included bruising and a small puncture wound to our client’s head. Due to the injuries sustained, our client had to work from home,  missed a number of social engagements and was assisted by family with her day to day tasks.

Network Rail admitted to being at fault for the accident and our expert personal injury team negotiated an out of Court settlement of £1,500 for our client.

If you've been injured in an accident in a public place (such as a street or park), our personal injury lawyers could help you claim compensation. See our Accidents In Public Places Claims page for more information.

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