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Senior Army Officer Receives £46,000 After Injury At Barracks

A senior officer in the British Army sustained a fracture to his tibia and fibula when he slipped and fell on a makeshift wooden ramp that had been placed on the steps leading into a building at a barracks he was visiting. The fracture required the officer to undergo an operation to pin and plate the leg.

The fracture kept the officer off work for 3 months and limited his capacity to fill all his duties when he returned to work. He was left with ongoing permanent symptoms in his leg, though these were not so severe that they stopped him eventually returning to his full duties.

Irwin Mitchell not only pursued a claim for the injury and the direct consequential losses incurred, but also for loss of chance of promotion due to the fact that his injury resulted in the officer receiving a less favourable annual report for 2 years following the accident, which had a negative effect on his promotion prospects.

The man was also in the process of renovating a house at the time of the accident. The injury delayed the project and meant that the officer had to employ tradesmen to undertake jobs, which he would have carried out himself but for the accident.

Irwin Mitchell was able to secure an award of £46,000 on behalf of the officer in an out of court settlement in relation to the claim.

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