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Man Suffers Burns From Exposed Metal Screws On Bench In Sauna

The Claimant, a 38 year old male was injured when he attended the sauna of the Defendant’s gym. When he came out of the sauna his back started to hurt and he noticed that several blisters had begun to form. When he inspected the bench, the screws of the sauna bench were exposed and had caused the burns to our client’s back.

A letter of claim was sent to the Defendant and liability was admitted shortly thereafter. Medical evidence in support of the Claimant’s injuries which confirmed that the burns scabbed over 1 week after the accident and for 2 weeks he was in discomfort. This then gradually resolved and he was pain free 4 weeks from the date of the accident. The burns were of different severity and the deepest took 4 weeks until the scab separated. The Claimant was left with a 10mm x 6mm well healed brown coloured oval scar in the middle of his back.

He received an award of £1,200 and his legal costs were paid in addition.

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