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Man Receives Compensation After Sustaining Injury At A Wedding

In August 2008, D attended a family wedding in Lincolnshire. As the celebrations were coming to an end around midnight, D walked back to his car, which was parked in a designated parking area across a small concrete bridge which ran over a dyke. On each side of the narrow bridge was a sheer drop into the dyke below. There were no rails or barriers. The bridge was very dark and no lighting had been provided along the route. Unfortunately, D slipped on the wet grass banking situated on the left side of the bridge and fell into the dyke, sustaining injury.  

D required an operation on his left arm. D’s injuries were such that he needed help from his wife for several months after the accident with washing, dressing, meal preparation, housework, gardening, travel and shopping needs.  

D subsequently approached Cathryn Godfrey, an Associate Solicitor in the Serious Injury team at Irwin Mitchell. Cathryn assisted D in bringing a claim for the injuries sustained. Liability for the accident was denied by the Defendant. The case settled a fortnight before the trial and D received £3,000 in compensation.

If you've been injured due to a slip, trip or fall, our personal injury claims team could help you secure compensation. See our Slips, Trips and Falls Claims page for more information.

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