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Compensation Secured For Joiner Following Shoulder Injury Sustained Through An Accident At Work

In July 2009 our client was involved in an accident during the course of his employment as a Joiner.

Our client was employed by the defendant and was working in a hospital where they had just built the Maternity and Oncology block. 

On the day in question our client entered the empty plant room to plug in a battery charger. When he returned a while later scaffolding was being erected in the plant room. As our client walked out of the room he slipped on the floor, landing on his back. The floor was wet, which was caused by the scaffolding as it had been kept outside in the rain. he water had dripped onto the floor leaving puddles of water. No warning signs or cones were in place and no attempt to dry the floor had been made.

Our client felt immediate pain in his right shoulder and suffered with slight back pain. A few days later his symptoms had not improved and he therefore attended A&E where he underwent an x-ray. He was advised he had not suffered a fracture and was referred for physiotherapy. Symptoms still did not improve and our client underwent an MRI scan which diagnosed a torn muscle which was catching his shoulder bone.

As a result of these injuries, our client had to undergo surgery to shave some bone away from the top of his shoulder to prevent it rubbing the nerves. This was then followed by further intensive physiotherapy.

Following the incident, the defendant admitted liability and we helped our client recover £5,900 in an out of Court settlement.

If you've suffered a similar shoulder injury or had a slip or trip at work, our personal injury lawyers could help you claim compensation. Visit our Workplace Slip & Trip Compensation page for more information.

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