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Exposure To Carbon Monoxide At Work Leads To Four Being Hospitalised

Irwin Mitchell's workplace injury team have assisted four men exposed to carbon monoxide at work.

The four asbestos removers had a lucky escape when a faulty mobile decontamination unit exposed them to carbon monoxide.

The exposure caused dizziness and nausea and three of the men required hospital treatment and oxygen.

Fortunately the exposure was brief and our clients did not suffer any long term physical consequences.

Carbon monoxide is very dangerous and if their exposure had been longer it could have proved fatal. The men also suffered psychological symptoms as a result of their exposure and psychological help was recommended to help them come to terms with their experiences.

Irwin Mitchell's specialist lawyers were able to assist the men in recovering compensation for this unfortunate incident. 

This incident demonstrates that it is vital that equipment is properly tested and checked for carbon monoxide emissions because of the potentially fatal consequences. These men were lucky their exposure was brief and can now work to put this incident behind them.

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