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Woman Receives Compensation Following Road Traffic Accident

Our client was driving her vehicle when the Defendant drove into the back of her.

Following the accident, our client initially experienced pain throughout her neck and shoulders. However, an x-ray revealed no fractures and she was treated with painkillers.

Unfortunately our client continued to suffer constant and severe neck pain radiating down to her shoulders and down the right arm as far as the elbow, pins and needles in her shoulders, and a loss of feeling in the right arm and middle finger.  Our client was unable to sleep due to the severity of the pain which was made even worse with movement.

Unfortunately it was discovered that the accident had accelerated the onset of pre-existing degenerative problems by a period of 18 months.

Our client suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and mild to moderate depression.  She was treated with antidepressants and psychotherapy for trauma. She also underwent a course of physiotherapy treatment. 

The after effects of the collision also required her to take six weeks off work following the accident.

Our client received a settlement of more than £17,000.

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