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Compensation For Woman Exposed To Excessive Noise At Work

With the help of solicitors from our Birmingham office, Mrs S of Dewsbury recently received a four figure sum for her claim for noise induced hearing loss caused by her exposure to noise at work.

Louise Scott, a solicitor at our Birmingham office describes the circumstances of the case.

"After leaving school at fifteen, Mrs S joined S Lyles & Sons and worked as a winder; The company made carpet yarn by using large machinery to spin wool. Once the wool has been spun it would drop out as a parcel onto a conveyer belt and be moved to another section of the factory.

"She worked forty hours a week plus overtime working on Mettler or Gilbos machinery which Mrs S described as making a ‘clonking’ sound as they wove the wool.  The machinery changed as technology improved, Mrs S still did the same job but the new machines did this more efficiently. The changes however were gradual.

"Mrs S always thought it was loud in the factory and described how workers had to actually stop and shout at each other to communicate. As her employers did not warn her of the dangers of noise she just thought it was a normal working environment and  got on with her job, with no idea that the noise was damaging her hearing.

"Noise level testing and hearing protection were introduced in the noisy parts of the factory in or around 1982, but unfortunately in this case, the damage had already been done."

Following a hearing test Mrs S was told by the audiologist that her hearing damage was due to exposure to noise at work.

Mrs S said “I have trouble talking on the telephone as I cannot hear what is being said, I have difficulties in conversation if there is large group of people or background noise and find that I am saying ‘pardon’ a lot and asking people to repeat themselves. I now only go to social events for special occasions as I find being in large groups of people uncomfortable because I cannot hear what is going on. When people visit me at home I often miss them as I cannot hear when they bang on the door or when the telephone rings, I find this very frustrating.

"I have been told by my family that I turn the TV up far louder than they find comfortable. I have significant hearing loss and I struggle to hear things on a daily basis.”

Louise Scott helped Mrs S to claim compensation and  commented: "I am delighted that this claim was successful. Mrs S's quality of life is severely affected by her hearing loss, and the outcome has given her the justice that she deserves."

If you or a loved one has suffered from hearing damage such as acoustic shock, tinnitus, and noise-induced hearing loss caused by conditions at work our solicitors could help you claim compensation. See our Industrial Disease Claims page for more information.

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