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Errors In A Medical Procedure Come To Light 30 Years Later

Our client, Miss L, received compensation for personal injuries following surgery to shorten her right leg. The surgery, performed in 1976, led to deterioration of her right ankle joint and the requirement for a total ankle replacement.

Miss L underwent surgery to shorten her right leg by way of osteotomies to her right tibia and fibula.  Her leg had been misshapen and scarred since the operation but she had been reassured that it was fine.  It was not until the summer of 2007 that she developed ankle pain and discovered the osteotomy site had been allowed to angulate resulting in posterior angulation of around 14 degrees.  This was not detected or treated at the time therefore after walking around on mal-aligned leg for over 30 years permanent damage to her ankle joint had been caused.

In January 2008 she underwent a total ankle replacement, but has since been advised that she may require an arthrodesis of her right ankle joint in due course.

Miss L decided to pursue a clinical negligence claim against the NHS Trust responsible with the help of clinical negligence lawyer, Rebecca Cherry.

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